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A Social Distance Project by Iris Poljan and Grietje Bouman.

Iris lives in Zagreb, Croatia. Grietje lives in Winterswijk, the Netherlands. Both are visual artists and they know each other through several art projects in which they participated. When the government measures took effect for about 2 weeks, they got in touch via Facebook. Both were in a sort of lethargic state. Both did not know how to respond to the bizarre conditions caused by the invisible corona. During the Facebook chat, the idea grew to send each other some soul-stirs by e-mail every day. The recipient of the text responds to this with making an image. So: Grietje makes a picture with the word of Iris and vice versa. The images do not have to literally reflect the story. It is also about interpretations. Both are free in this. Nobody knows how long the measures will apply, so we don’t know how big this project will be, but this is what we are working on.

Close or Not art book – Part 1 & Part 2

After a year and a half of artistic collaboration of Grietje Bouman and Iris Poljan – Close or Not, the artists wished to give the insight into the project in a form of an art book. Two parts of the book were made. The first one shows the most interesting insights of the first 150 days of the project and covers the period March – November 2020, while part 2 presents the next 100 days and covers the period November 2020 – August 2021.

The books are available for purchase. For your copy please feel free to contact us.

The Close or Not project is ongoing still, the artists are working on their daily artist inspirations, tasks and depictions. Step by step they are developing it, curious of what this artist dialogue might turn into…

© 2021, Grietje Bouman and Iris Poljan, All rights reserved.